Amy's Art Gallery Blog

Amy's Art Gallery Blog

  • Creative custom framing ideas can bring your art to life

    The art and photos you choose to hang on your walls are a way to express yourself through your home. Since your pictures are unique expressions of your personal style, it would be a shame to put them in generic frames. A custom frame can give a photograph or piece of art the perfect setting to make it really look its best. Try out one of these unusual frame ideas the next time you hang a picture in your home.

  • 5 Design Features That Will Make Your Employees Want To Win A Trophy

    Motivated employees drive profitable growth, and creative bosses know that they constantly need to find new ways to improve morale and self-motivation. A trophy is a relatively inexpensive way to reward good performance, but it's important to find a design for the award that will appeal to your employees. If you're thinking of introducing a trophy at work, consider the five following design features that will make the prize worth winning.

  • About Me

    Amy's Art Gallery Blog

    Hi! My name is Amy. When I was ten, my family and I visited Sydney for the first time, and while we strolled through the art galleries, I fell in love. Ever since then, art has held a special place in my life. I have worked in several art galleries, and I have even started my own small collection. In this blog, I want to provide tips for new buyers and collectors. I also may include posts directed toward artists to help them create ideas on getting their work into galleries. In addition to art and writing, I love reading. Lately, I have been exploring a lot of biographies of famous artists. I also love to spend time with my two nieces and my sister (I hope they are reading!) Cheers and enjoy!