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5 Design Features That Will Make Your Employees Want To Win A Trophy

by Jackson Watts

Motivated employees drive profitable growth, and creative bosses know that they constantly need to find new ways to improve morale and self-motivation. A trophy is a relatively inexpensive way to reward good performance, but it's important to find a design for the award that will appeal to your employees. If you're thinking of introducing a trophy at work, consider the five following design features that will make the prize worth winning.

Functional properties

Why should a trophy not serve another purpose? Placards, shields and cups are popular enough with many workers, but a trophy that actually does something could prove an even bigger hit.

For example, why not choose a trophy that also doubles as a mobile phone holder? Employees can proudly display the award on their desk and benefit from having a new place to store and charge their smartphone. Trophy manufacturers offer increasingly creative uses for their products, so talk to your supplier about the options available to you.

Unusual imagery

If your trophy can make people laugh, you're more likely to get a positive reaction. Similarly, an unusual design is likely to lead to more water-cooler moments that will help your team members bond together. As such, let your imagination run riot, and design an unusual trophy.

For example, you could create a dinosaur-shaped trophy for the team that finds and eliminates the most inefficient process that nobody wants anymore. Making worthless processes extinct is a great business move – and the novelty concept of a trophy to reward this could go down very well with your team members.

Eye-catching size

Size isn't necessarily everything, but a big, eye-catching trophy will almost certainly attract more interest than its tiniest counterpart. Bigger trophies make better photo opportunities, so a large trophy can help you make the most of your internal communications channels, too. If the trophy is for a team, the size of the object should reflect the number of people who will want to hold the award. As such, it's important not to scrimp on your budget, so you can offer a trophy that merits your workers' attention.

Job relevance

A generic trophy cup doesn't necessarily tell people why a team or employee won the award. While an engraving can help you describe an achievement, more creative designs will instantly resonate more with your employees.

For example, the person who exceeds his or her monthly target by the highest margin might like a three-dimensional dollar sign trophy, while a large happy face could amply become a customer excellence award. These awards don't generally have a financial value for your employees, but if a trophy immediately tells other people what your worker is good at, they'll want to win it and display it on their desk.

Attractive style

It's important to use your trophy budget to create an award that oozes quality and style. Modern trophy designers use an increasing array of materials to create awards, and most employees want to see something that is worth holding. While designs like the FIFA World Cup and the America's Cup are out of your price range, these prestigious trophies are excellent examples of timeless design.

For example, a glass award can take on an unusual, abstract shape that looks like a modern work-of-art. Bronze, brass and silver are all stylish materials, too, but consider the implications of an award that somebody may decide to steal. If you can lock the trophy away, its value isn't such an issue, but you also want people to regularly see and admire the award somewhere in the office, so make sure you have a secure storage option.

Manufacturers now offer lots of designs for corporate trophies and awards. If you're keen to set something up for your business, think creatively and design a trophy that generates excitement.


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