Amy's Art Gallery Blog

Amy's Art Gallery Blog

Creative custom framing ideas can bring your art to life

by Jackson Watts

The art and photos you choose to hang on your walls are a way to express yourself through your home. Since your pictures are unique expressions of your personal style, it would be a shame to put them in generic frames. A custom frame can give a photograph or piece of art the perfect setting to make it really look its best. Try out one of these unusual frame ideas the next time you hang a picture in your home. 

Clipboard photo frame

If you can't make up your mind about what to display, why not make a frame that can hold a variety of different pictures? This clip frame is more suitable for photos or prints -- you don't want to put an old master or irreplaceable original into its metal jaws. Simply mount a metal binder clip on a hardboard backing; for added colour, you can paint the backing or decorate it with wallpaper or scrapbook paper. You can now hang the backing board as normal and put a new photo or image into the clip every day if you like. 

Decorative paper frames

A plain wooden frame may look a little drab, but it's actually full of potential. Cover the frame with upcycled paper that complements the theme of the image. If you're framing a travel photo, cut an old map to size and paste it to the frame. If you're framing a painting, choose a paper with a colour and texture that complement the framed image. The right choice of paper can make a drab plain wooden frame look new and exciting. 

Area framing 

Large older picture frames and mirrors are works of art in themselves, often decorated with intricate moulding or gilt. The problem is that many of them are designed for an age when large portraits were the norm; few people are displaying vast paintings of themselves. It's a shame to let these beautiful frames go to waste, though, so why not use them for a different purpose? Hang a large frame to define an area or wall within which you can hang up multiple smaller frames. The large frame will accent your smaller paintings and attract the eye by itself. 

These custom framing ideas make use of found or homemade objects, but there are other ways to individualise your art. If you have art or photos of unusual shape, talk to a framing expert about creating special frames for them. A unique frame will be the perfect complement to your unique art. 


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